OST-free™, excludes everything non-toxic and clean lines exclude;, plus all additives published with organ system toxicity concerns by EWG regardless of risk.

OST-free™ provides superior skin care with ingredient quick-links to a credible public resource that specializes in providing the public with information regarding toxicity.

OST-free™ is not non-toxic or clean. Our stand is there is no way to truly be non-toxic and the term clean is commonly perceived as non-toxic. Instead, we claim OST-free™ as there are many unknown factors that can change the composition of any ingredient (or additive) from synthesis; to your application.

For example; on a mass market level; formulating L-ascorbic acid (vitamin C) in a water-based solution visibly demonstrates changes occur, in many cases, formulas perceived as well-formulated are oxidizing before first use.

OST-free™ simply means nothing is added to an OST-free formula that has been flagged with organ system toxicity concerns through EWG regardless of risk.

OST-free™ qualify additives and ingredients based on independent research, EWG's concerns, and manufacturer's INCI.

Ingredients cleared through EWG but found through our independent research as a potential risk towards fetus development or nursing infants regardless if it consumed, applied to the skin, and/or deemed as an unlikely hazard, are listed below so you can decide if it is suitable for you.

Licorice root; study