Power Hour Challenge Instructions

Start Power Hour Challenge

Step 1. Create your trigger cards. Power hour (#) trigger cards represent daily maintenance (personal and environmental, tasks, chores, duties, upkeep, etc.). Write (or print) trigger words onto index cards or, if you're really into it, order personalized plastic cards!

Step 2. Choose your trigger cards. Choose up to seven trigger cards for one week. Use trigger cards to target and create achievable goals. For example, trigger card #1, "walk, train, drill", target, "walk dog", trigger card #7, "sweep, vacuum, mop", target, "downstairs", etc.

Step 3. Stack your trigger cards. Stack your trigger cards based on your desires. As you progress through the week, rotate multi-targeted trigger cards. For example, you may assign trigger card #8 "purge, organize, clean" two targets; "Wednesday, fridge" and, "Friday, office".

Step 4. Shift your mindset. During your power hour, you will practice, train, and condition your brain while accomplishing your goal (task, chore, etc.). Challenge your mind to maintain your desired mindset as long as possible; focusing on mastering yourself in everything you do, think, and say.

Step 5. Start your challenge. Shift your mindset and commit to one hour of self-mastery without distractions (your computer, phone, etc). Pull your trigger card, review your notes (add sticky notes, etc.). Set timer (etc.). Then say, "Go" (start immediately).

Step 6. Finish your challenge. On the back of your trigger card, note the date, target, and minutes engaged. For example, on the back of trigger card #7 "sweep, vacuum, mop", write "1/23 - downstairs - 60m", then either rotate your trigger card or put it back into the deck.

Step 7. Power up your challenge. Power up by adding one goal daily every week. For example, week two = two daily, week three = three daily, (etc.) until you are mastering six goals daily in three hours (or less). Proceed to Powerhouse Flow State Challenge for more.

Power Hour Group Challenge plus Sticky Notes. Group members practice mastering themselves in targeted zones for one hour. Use sticky notes card for notes and ideas on future goals. Keep sticky notes on this card until you assign the note (or idea) to a trigger card.

Power Hour Daily Ritual. Start your day with a Power Hour Daily Ritual towards your long-term goal(s) or to create empowering habits. Daily Ritual trigger cards can be edited and used to sort your weekly goals.